The ‘Woodfordia’ Festival of Small Halls has returned to Mt Mee

Festival of small halls.

Festival of small halls.


FOSH is back!

The Woodford Folk Festival and the Mt Mee Hall Committee are jointly promoting a folk event under the ‘Festival of Small Halls’ banner in our Hall on Sunday 21st December. The Woodford Folk Festival team tried the FOSH venture for the first time in 2013, touring three acts from their coming festival programme through a series of country halls in southern Queensland and northern NSW. The Mt Mee concert was held to be the most successful of the series, but the overall concept went well enough to encourage ‘Woodford’ to do the tour again this year. And once again Cr Adrian Raedel has offered Council support to Mt Mee, to help us continue our role as the ‘gem in the festival’s crown’.

The format is a little different to our other Sunday concerts – start time is 3.30pm and we go through until about 7.30pm, there is a good supper, and we run a bar. The audience sits informally around tables and is free to move around and go to the bar etc etc during the performance.

It was a lot of fun last year, the sound crew was wonderful and the musicians were stunningly good. Their stuff was interesting and at times witty. But it was overwhelmingly pleasing to the ear, no matter what musical genre a listener usually favoured. You don’t have to be a ‘folkie’ to enjoy this music!

The performers this year include Canadian Del Barber – on his first visit to this country, and Australia’s Mae Trio – three young artists returning briefly to Queensland after a year on the road in such remote venues as Scotland and Nashville.

Del, is a prolific songwriter, and is described as ‘a passionate performer of full, country tinged vocals, with a natural gift on acoustic guitar’. Meanwhile the Mae Trio, with Maggie and Elsie Rigby and Anita Hillman, handles a huge variety of instruments – ranging through from ukelele to bass, and they do their vocals in thrilling three part vocal harmony. This trio has been categorized by the pundits as ‘among the best young talent on the Australian folk scene’.

Tickets cost $27.50, (supper inclusive), and are on sale now at Admission is by ticket only.


Performing at the festival of small halls.

The Mai Trio are performing at the festival of small halls.

Performing at the festival of small halls.

Del Barber is performing at the festival of small halls.